Monday, 18 November 2013


Iron Man (2012)

In Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) we find an attractive woman who needs to be saved from her evil co-worker that intimates Tony Stark’s iron man suit. Throughout the film Pepper Potts seems to baby sit Tony telling him what is right and wrong. She is seen as the women with her head screwed on. Moving on, Pepper is seen as a very professional, independent woman. She also gives the impression that she’s well educated as she does everything for Tony Stark. Like any other stereotypical heroic film, the girl is the prize for the hero. In this case, Pepper Pots is the prize for Tony Stark when he saves her from the villain.


Off their Rockers

Off their rockers is an American reality comedy prank show that was released in 2012. The show really shows how old people can have as much fun as the stereotypical prankster. The shows cast withholds just 3 participants. All are elderly but very lively. Moving on the show also includes of a lot of unexpected incidents such as nudity streaks. A popular act of the show is to ask the victim to take a picture. The show really sends a message to those stereotypical thoughts of elderly people and it makes sure after you have seen the show your thoughts have changed.

Issues- OK magazine

Ok magazine is just like any other gossip texts. They try and represent things that aren’t true or they change the background of the situations. They always find a way to make the scenario worse than it already was. From research OK magazine seems to concentrate on things such as celebrity gossip, awards and new shows.

Ethnicity – Cafod website
The Cafod website shows they care for all races that suffer. Like most charities Cafod asks the wealthy communities to offer a donation to help those less fortunate. They do this to represent their own country, such as the UK as generous and that they’re not biased towards other races and countries.   

National and regional identity 
The valleys, Gavin & Stacey   
The welsh show, the valleys is a comedy set in Barry island, Wales. It stars welsh actors such as Rob Brydon and Joanna Page. The series is really set to show the stereotypical character of a welsh person. they do this by using the welsh beach attractions such as Barry island. The show shows the fun side of Wales. Each character has their own individual, hilarious personality and has a stereotypical hatred between the English and Welsh  

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